Project Morpheus to be ‘Affordable’ – Sony


Sony has said that its upcoming virtual reality (VR) headset, Project Morpheus, will be ‘affordable’. Speaking its Driving the Future of Innovation presentation at GDC 2014, the company hinted at the low price point when asked about using VR in schools.

ProjectMorpheus_1“One of the great things about something being consumer electronics… is that it’s affordable,” the company’s Shuhei Yoshia said when asked what Sony made of using the technology in school systems.

A specific price for the headset was not announced at the presentation. Release dates and official naming were also absent. VRFocus will continue to follow the Project Morpheus prototype and report back with all the latest.


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16 responses on “Project Morpheus to be ‘Affordable’ – Sony

    1. Whatsup3

      So you probably have never used The Oculus Rift, If sony can come any where near to what the Oculus is in terms of virtual reality then I would buy it. Guess what it’s not something you need just like you don’t need another controller but you buy one if you want to play with friends so if you like feeling like your in a real space like your holding that weapon or that your in a real world I say why not.

  1. Cozomel?

    That’s probably because for most gamers Kinect is a useless addition that was not desired but was still crammed down throats. VR has been a dream since the beginning of electronic gaming. There is a BIG difference.

    1. Failz

      What are you on, VR has and never will be successful. It will sell to the people who don’t have TVs. Kinect has more benefits then you are lead to believe just like the PS Camera which as sold out everywhere.

      1. Jess

        “It will sell to the people who don’t have TVs. Kinect has more benefits then you are lead to believe”

        Alright, what are the benefits? I have both camera for the PS4 and the Kinect and all I can come up with is the voice commands on Xbox One. You have not used the Oculus because virtual reality is not a TV replacement it makes you feel as if you are in the game it self. I’ve been playing around with the first dev kit for a while now and unless you try it you won’t know what the benefits to it are. The only good benefit about he cameras for both PS4 is Xbox One is the fact that they could be use to track position of the player if using a virtual reality headset.

  2. jarvis

    @Cozomel what has kinect done to innovate in terms of gaming? i did enjoy Just Dance but hell-$100 for one fun game- thats bollocks. VR add more immersive experience to such genres of FPS, driving sims, oh and NASA’ planning to help with Mars demo-experience. so yeah dont compare such a great optional peripheral to a throat shoving waste of money.

  3. Placebo

    Kinect is a gimmick, VR when it’s done right will move gaming and entertainment to the next level, it’ll be the greatest home entertainment innovation in 50 years or more, it’s the first step to the one day (hopefully) we see holodecks.

  4. Fabrizio

    VR is what I was dreaming since I was a child, and I can’t wait for Project Morpheus ! Also, this will not be included in any PS4 as Kinect2 is included in any box !!!! I truly believe that putting Kinect2 in every box was the stupidest move from MS. If VR is properly done, it’s gonna be revolutionary, and fantastic. I’ll stay tuned.

  5. David Foster

    If being put inside a computer game is a gimmick then I’d love to know what the expectations of what’s “not” classed as a gimmick to these people is?

    You have to be extremely naive and short sighted to compare kinect to virtual reality.

  6. TitanFallSuckIt$ony

    BWAHAHA ! I know people in the industry and $ony is gong to be releasing this headset for $799 and 695EU/£ respectively.

    Read that again droids…

    That’s $799 for a headset that’s weaker and features a locked in system with no really useful options, compared to a much more powerful and fully open and useful VR headset from Oculus Rift that will be released at $399 ! LOL…omg, buying the XboxOne, turns out it’s getting better and better all the time for us MS fans, whilst all you droids wait longer and longer for what will turn out to be yet more vaporware from $ony 😀

    Where are all your GAMES $ony fans ???

  7. Justme

    The Stupidity of comparing Kinect with virtual reality is beyond any reasonable logic, I guess it’s true that not all are born the same. 3D have shown how immersive a game can be, now multiply that by a 1000 times for virtual reality and imagine the possibilities. Easily scared people should never play a horror game with VR as they will get a panic attack which could lead to serious consequences.

  8. rodbox720p

    Hey xbots, time to put your white flag very very very high, we can’t see it six feet under.
    Kinect is a shit, VR is futur, try Oculus Rift boubou, you’ll understand… or not for un xbot.

  9. feathers

    Sony’s idea of affordable has been £1300 for their HMZ. Stuck in the 90’s with their pricing and the only innovation HMZ brought was Oled. Now they’ve realised because of Palmer Luckey that HMD VR is going to be huge and so they want to jump in on the action. Better late than never. Morpheus will be useless unless you’re a PS4 owner and I will never buy a console. Eventually Oculus Rift will run on PC and Android making it a very versatile system.

    1. james

      except Oculus relies on the use of an Oculus approved PC, which start at the base rate of £1000
      plus the head set at another £400. Sony have also stated that playstationVR, as it is now called, will be priced to rival the rift, and have plans to eventually add a bundle package. I for one am eagerly awaiting the release, and hope this kicks off as well as it should do.
      2015 dazzled us with new tech and I think 2016 will be another year to amaze

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