VRLA Launches Tonight


Given that there is still no information on when, where or for how much a consumer would be able to purchase a modern virtual reality headset, it’s up to the enthusiasts to share their passion and attract new audiences. This is becoming a common exercise throughout the globe, and the latest land to receive it’s own meet-up is Los Angeles, California, taking place this evening.

VR remains very much an unknown quantity. VRFocus specialises in brining our readers all the latest details on videogames, entertainment and technology set to be available for consumers in the near future, and yet still there is no guarantees. No timelines, no ballparks and no rules. Instead it’s all about experimentation, and those who are boldest in this capacity are already part of a vibrant community. Cosmo Scharf, Jonnie Ross, John Root and Jeroen van den Bosch are four such experimenters, today launching the VRLA meet-up.

VRFocus recently met with Scharf to discuss VRLA, it’s ideals and it’s intentions, as can be seen in the video below. The debut event takes place tonight and more details can be found on the official VRLA website. VRFocus will be attending another VR meet-up this week, taking place in the UK’s own Brighton, and will bring you all the latest details from the event.


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