Next Starpoint Gemini 2 Content Update Arrives with Trailer


Little Green Men Games has given us another look at its upcoming space combat title, Starpoint Gemini 2, today. A new trailer for the virtual reality (VR) compatible title has launched, along with news of a new content updates for the title’s Early Access Beta, which users can currently purchase on Steam. The clip, which contains a minute of new footage taken directly in-game, can be seen below.

Highlights from this latest update include new Gas collector equipment that lets users mine all-new nebulas as they explore them, as well as the inclusion of a new Best Buy-Sell overview that will help players plan trade runs and gain experience. Also included are new encounter battles and events while players are travelling as well as a micro-event system which can be used to change rountine tasks such as landing. To top it off, there’s also the usual assorment of bug fixes and feature tweaks.

Little Green Men Games is currently planning to ship Starpoint Gemini 2 in September 2014 will full support for the Oculus Rift VR headset. A more specific launch date for the title is yet to be announced. VRFocus will continue to follow the team’s progress going forward, reporting back with any more news and updates.


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2 responses on “Next Starpoint Gemini 2 Content Update Arrives with Trailer

  1. davey jones

    Looking great, been playing this one for quite a while now, can’t wait till their job on OR is fully complete! Seen it on a presentation with OR, and daaaayum, great to look around your starship as your broadside turrets fire off at the enemies :)

  2. Lorenzo

    Already got the game for a few months. Amazing work for an indie team. And every update transforms the game to be even more addictive. Good work! I only wish Oculus version was already available 😉

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