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Preview: Proton Pulse on Gear VR


There are many virtual reality (VR) experiences that have been doing the rounds throughout the community for quite some time and yet seem to be no closer to a consumer release. Proton Pulse was one such title: infamous in it’s absence from download portals despite having been showcased for VR head-mounted displays (HMDs) for longer than most titles. Samsung’s Gear VR could be the cause – or possibly a symptom? – of this extended cycle, with a release now finally upon us. READ MORE

Lucky’s Tale Dev Talks Mario, Jason Rubin & Oculus VR


Playful Corp.’s Paul Bettner is not shy about expressing his opinion on all things related to the videogames industry. By-and-large, this is a gush of enthusiasm from someone who loves being part of an entertainment industry. Bettner loves videogames, and in a new interview with VRFocus he reveals why he feels virtual reality (VR) is the future of the medium. READ MORE

Preview: HMX Music VR for Gear VR


Harmonix developing a virtual reality (VR) videogame for Gear VR is something of a landmark. There are many studios developing new experiences for VR, and many with higher budgets than the independent developers that have been championing the technology thus far. However, Harmonix are widely considered the leader of their field, equal parts innovators as they are respectful of their audience. Hopes are high that they can bring this influence to VR in these very early days. READ MORE

Preview: Coldplay + on Gear VR


The first of what is likely to be many, Coldplay + is an experience that invites you to become part of the act. The user sits front-and-centre on the stage, similar to that of Cirque de Soleil Media’s Hold on to Your Seat, and is offered a unique view into the performance of a globally successful band. The next step is surely giving the user an instrument to play? READ MORE

Preview: James’s Legacy: The Prologue for Gear VR


Since the unveiling of Playful Corp.’s Lucky’s Tale for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) it seems as though a number of development studios now have much more faith in third-person virtual reality (VR) experiences. It would be hard to suggest that another developer has come as close to overcoming the hurdles VR presents as Paul Bettner’s youthful team of enthusiasts, but James’s Legacy: The Prologue does do well. A few hurdles still to overcome mind, but erroneous apostrophe use aside Nestoss Corp. has earned a little faith. READ MORE

Playful Corp.: ‘Oculus is relentless in their pursuit of perfection’


It’s no secret that Playful Corp. has been working very closely with Oculus VR to develop their debut virtual reality (VR) videogame, Lucky’s Tale. Being on the forefront of this new wave of technology must surely be as intimidating as it is exciting, and while Playful Corp.’s Paul Bettner is never short of compliments for Palmer Luckey and John  Carmack, it’s the company’s ambition as a whole that impresses him the most. READ MORE

Preview: VR Quest for Gear VR


Subtlety has never been Oculus VR’s strong point. As a company they’re all about being the ‘biggest’ or the ‘best’. Being ‘first’ or being ‘better’. Being ‘affordable’ or being ‘high end’. They want to be out there, in front of the consumer and leading the field. So then, it comes as quite a shock that the first software product that the company revealed was done so with not a bang but a whimper. READ MORE

Preview: Ruin & The Maze Runner for Gear VR


Ruin and the Maze Runner are two different motion-picture productions presented in a similar fashion on Gear VR. These passive presentations further the idea of Gear VR as a new vision for media consumption not just limited to videogames, but rather video as well, all dressed-up with a unique design inspired by the former to enhance the latter. Both Ruin and The Maze Runner were showcased in a version of the Oculus Cinema seen in IMAX: Admit One, and yet each had something unique about their presentation. READ MORE

Preview: The Cave for Gear VR


Passive experiences were common on the Gear VR at IFA, Berlin, following the initial reveal of the device at Samsung’s Unpacked event earlier this month. Innerspace’s ­The Cave was one such creation, transporting the player to a different world similar to our own but with new and interesting rules. READ MORE

Lucky’s Tale Dev on Virtual Reality: ‘The ideal place for a third-person platform game’


Playful Corp. broke the mould when they revealed the playable version of their debut virtual reality (VR) videogame at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) back in June of this year. Until that point the general consensus from the development community was that first-person experiences were to be the entry point and more detached designs follow. Third-person however? It wouldn’t work. Playful Corp. proved otherwise, and know CEO Paul Bettner does in fact think VR is ‘ideal’ for third-person videogames. READ MORE