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VR One Pre-Order Campaign Launches


Carl Zeiss has announced their entrance into the virtual reality (VR) race with the launch of the pre-order campaign for VR One, a brand new head-mounted display (HMD) set to rival Samsung’s recently announced Gear VR. Available to pre-order from today, the VR One offers a smartphone mount that will be compatible with multiple devices. READ MORE

Alien: Isolation – The Challenges of Officially Adapting for VR


Alien: Isolation has finally arrived and with it comes a considerable amount of critical acclaim. Heralded as the ‘best’ videogame experience ever made based on the famous sci-fi movie franchise, the hype was indeed worthwhile. Moreover, the attention the videogame received due to it’s virtual reality (VR) demonstration has been incredibly important to the exposure of the title, and as such it’s more than likely that we’ll see a VR edition of the videogame at some point down the line to surpass the unofficial hack that VRFocus reported on earlier this week. It’s long been said however, that simply porting existing videogames to VR doesn’t work. READ MORE

nDreams CEO: Gear VR ‘An exciting beginning to consumer VR’‏


Following the news that independent development studio nDreams will have two titles available alongside the launch of the Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD), expected later this year, CEO Patrick O’Luanaigh has suggested to VRFocus that the release of the device is nothing short of ‘exciting’. nDreams has cemented their commitment to virtual reality (VR) development, openly revealing that they have several titles in development for various platforms. READ MORE

Gunner & Perfect Beach Confirmed for Gear VR Launch


Following it’s reveal at Samsung Unpacked in Berlin back in August, the Gear VR has frequently been a hot topic for the virtual reality (VR) community. With a release date expected in the very near future a number of titles are being confirmed as available for launch; following E McNeill’s Darknet are two titles from UK studio nDreams: Gunner and Perfect Beach. READ MORE

VisiSonics Details Oculus VR RealSpace 3D Collaboration


VisiSonics Corporation, a supplier of 3D audio software, has today revealed new details on the licensing of its RealSpace 3D Audio engine by Oculus VR, the virtual reality (VR) technology company that created the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). As previously reported by VRFocus, Oculus VR announced the deal at Oculus Connect, the company’s first developer conference, in Los Angeles, California, and now VisiSonics Corporation has detailed the potential of it’s use in VR videogames and applications. READ MORE

VR Phobia Treatment Software PHOBOS Launches Crowd-Funding Campaign


PsyTech LLC, a start-up that develops phobia and anxiety virtual reality (VR) software for research and psychotherapeutic applications, has today announced the launch of its online crowd funding campaign. Presented on, PHOBOS is an ‘anxiety management’ platform developed with the strengths of VR as an immersion technology. READ MORE