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An experienced videogame journalist with more than a decade covering console, PC and mobile platforms. Editor-in-Chief at VRFocus, Kevin Joyce oversaw the launch of the website in 2014 and continues to lead the operation on a daily basis.

nDreams Reveal Updated The Assembly Build, Project Morpheus Version

The Assembly logo

UK virtual reality (VR) specialist studio nDreams are once again showcasing their wares at Gamescom, Cologne, this week, bringing The Assembly back for another industry-only outing. This time however, the developer has revealed a brand new control system for the upcoming videogame as well as their PlayStation 4 version running on Project Morpheus. READ MORE

Sony to Reveal Project Morpheus Multiplayer Experience at SIGGRAPH

Project Morpheus

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) have been confirmed as an exhibitor at SIGGRAPH, Los Angeles, next week. Bringing Project Morpheus to the event’s dedicated virtual reality (VR) area, known as the ‘VR Village’, the company’s Magic Labs department will unveil a multi-user project developed in conjunction with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. READ MORE

Valve Reveals HTC Vive Longbow Demo

HTC Vive

The Valve and HTC collaborative effort for virtual reality (VR), known as the HTC Vive, was revealed back in March of this year alongside a demo reel featuring a number of experiences designed to take advantage of the unique features of the hardware. Today however, Valve has revealed an internally developed demo that wasn’t included on that reel and has not yet been seen in the wild: a longbow demo. READ MORE

ID@Xbox Expands: Windows 10, Windows Phone & HoloLens

HoloLens banner

The ID@Xbox programme was designed as a way to enable smaller developers and indie studios to bring their existing and original titles to the Xbox One without requiring the aid of a publishing deal. Many successful titles have launched through the programme and so Microsoft are unsurprisingly looking to expand it to other formats under their ‘Universal Windows Platform’ umbrella. This includes Windows 10, Windows Phones and, in time, HoloLens. READ MORE

Hands-on with NOON VR

NOON VR image

Smartphone mountable headsets are nothing new. In fact, the marketplace for early adopters in virtual reality (VR) is literally flooded with them at present, with new ‘me too’ products arriving on a near weekly basis. So what is it that sets them apart? There are 3 discernable differences: price, comfort and quality. NOON VR, NextCore Corporation’s entrant into the market, offers a gold standard in at least 2 of these differentiators. READ MORE

Xbox One, Windows 10 & HoloLens to Share Universal Store


Microsoft’s HoloLens has become a regular starlet in the virtual reality (VR) scene since it’s announcement back in January of this year, despite the head-mounted display (HMD) still remaining tightly under lock-and-key. This is most likely because support for the device from a developer’s perspective has been in development for sometime, fundamentally built into the Windows 10 ecosystem. Further evidence of this was revealed at GDC Europe 2015, where Microsoft confirmed that all of the Windows-based consumer devices – Xbox One, Windows 10, Windows Phone and HoloLens – will in time share a universal digital store. READ MORE

CCP Games Reveal Gunjack: An EVE Online VR Shooter

CCP Games Header

CCP Games are very keen to ensure that their name becomes synonymous with high quality virtual reality (VR) experiences, of that there is no doubt. Following the lengthy gestation of EVE Valkyrie came the announcement of a number of new experiences at EVE Fanfest 2015 back in March. One such experiences, formally known as Project Nemesis, has today been re-revealed as Gunjack. READ MORE

Hands-On with AltspaceVR

AltspaceVR logo

Some software releases are offered under obscure labels; a title that represents the expression as opposed to the experience. Within the confines of Redwood City’s premier virtual reality (VR) community space developer that simply isn’t the case. An alternative space for communication and business within VR? AltspaceVR, of course. READ MORE

The Influence of Adult Entertainment on the Virtual Reality Industry

Naughty America VR Nikki Benz Jaclyn Taylor

There is a constant debate as to how much impact adult entertainment will have on the upcoming rebirth of virtual reality (VR). While some would present the fact that the home video tape rivalry from the 1980s – in which the adult entertainment industry famously aligned with VHS over Betamax – as an argument in support of the power of pornography a more recent example comes with the high-definition (HD) disc war, which saw the chosen format for adult movies lose in a very public fashion. Always eager to jump on new technology, VR is the next battle that is about to commence in the entertainment industries and pornographers are already staking their claims. READ MORE