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An experienced videogame journalist with more than a decade covering console, PC and mobile platforms. Editor-in-Chief at VRFocus, Kevin Joyce oversaw the launch of the website in 2014 and continues to lead the operation on a daily basis.

Epic Games CEO on VR Editor: ‘This is a start of a real revolution’

Unreal Engine 4 Header 2

Epic Games revealed a brand new asset set to be made available to the virtual reality (VR) development community yesterday, VR Editor. Using Unreal Engine 4, developers are able to step inside their creation with VR Editor’s VR Mode and edit the content in real-time. Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, sees this as a huge achievement for Epic Games and the start of something big. READ MORE

In-VR Development: Changing the Future of Videogames

Unreal Engine 4 Header 2

Epic Games today announced a perhaps inevitable new feature for their highly acclaimed videogame engine, Unreal Engine 4: a virtual reality (VR) based development suite. Dubbed ‘VR Editor’, this new feature allows developers to place assets and attribute conditional variances whilst in VR. The addition marks a new phase for the company which has made no secret of its fondness of VR, but what does it mean for videogame developers outside of Epic Games? READ MORE

Phaser Lock Talk Final Approach Origins, HTC Vive Release & Oculus Touch Edition

Final Approach logo

Set to launch alongside the HTC Vive in April 2016, Final Approach is Phaser Lock Interactive’s debut videogame. A new studio built around the ideals of developing for the brand new medium of modern virtual reality (VR), Michael Daubert, Chief Creative Officer at Phaser Lock Interactive, sat down with VRFocus to discuss the origins of the studio, of Final Approach and the future of their VR projects. READ MORE

Final Approach Confirmed For HTC Vive Launch, Post-Release DLC

Final Approach logo

Phaser Lock Interactive’s Final Approach made its debut behind closed doors at PAX Prime, Seattle, in August 2015. Demoed on the forthcoming HTC Vive, since then an Oculus Rift edition, requiring Oculus Touch controllers, has also been revealed. Speaking to VRFocus, the studio has confirmed that Final Approach will arrive first on HTC Vive and will be available from the launch of the head-mounted display (HMD). READ MORE