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SNOW Devs Tease Morpheus Support: ‘We’ll be sticking our allegiance to PS4′


As part of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s (SCEE) pre-Gamescom press conference a number of independent developers were revealed to be in-the-works on PlayStation 4 ports of their PC titles. One such developer was Poppermost Productions, already offering their winter sports title SNOW via Steam Early Access and now bringing the title to console also. READ MORE

Hands-On with Crytek’s VR Tech Demo


Stunning. Absolutely stunning. There is an argument that even the most gorgeous technical demonstration is pointless if it’s being delivered on hardware that even the most deeply committed consumer would baulk at the idea of investing in, but in these earliest days of virtual reality (VR) it’s so very hard not to care. Crytek may have been suffering from some turbulent times of late, but here in their unnamed VR tech demo, it doesn’t show. READ MORE

Kite & Lightning’s Genesis: This is Where VR Starts


A metal construct dominates the room. Poles lacquered to look less intimidating still bear the essence of a construction site and the resin coated speaker wire does not remove the illusion of a model not fit for public use. This creation is puzzling in it’s design and uninviting in it’s appearance. It’s also home to one of the most awe inspiring virtual reality (VR) experiences the world has yet seen. READ MORE

Preview: Pixel Rift


The virtual reality (VR) development community is becoming famous for it’s original ideas and unique concepts. It’s long been argued that the only way to create experiences suitable for VR is to start from scratch with VR as your primer. Ana Ribeiro, developer of the forthcoming Pixel Rift, has done just that. READ MORE

Pixel Rift’s Ribeiro Talks VR Development, Eurogamer Expo & Public Release


Virtual reality (VR) as it currently stands is championed by independent developers. There are a small number of larger studios working out the strengths and weaknesses of developing AAA videogames for the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus head-mounted displays (HMDs), but for many it’s the small studios and bedroom coders that are making the most of this primer period for the new wave of VR. Ana Ribeiro is one such independent developer, and her unique project Pixel Rift is most certainly about to turn some heads. READ MORE

Kite & Lightning’s Cory Strassberger on Content Creation & Monetisation


In the virtual reality (VR) community Kite & Lightning‘s reputation is second-to-none. The three demos that they have made publicly available – The Cave, The Station and Senza Peso – have all been met with both critical acclaim and a positive response from the development community also. But what does the future hold for a studio that has built itself on the ideal of making content available for free? Kite & Lightning’s Cory Strassberger took some time to speak with VRFocus about just that. READ MORE

Ethereon Kickstarter Coming this Autumn


Following a public outing of Ethereon at the SVVR Conference & Expo back in May of this year things have been relatively quiet on behalf of the team at Innvervision Games. However, this is all about to change, as the independent development team has revealed that a Kickstarter campaign for Ethereon will be launching this autumn. READ MORE

Preview: Ghostship Aftermath


MAG Studios’ Ghostship Aftermath is set to launch it’s original virtual reality (VR) edition tomorrow. Despite having already been made available as a non-VR videogame, Ghostship Aftermath was designed primarily with VR in mind and as such it’s a title that VRFocus has been following closely. Now it’s nearly here there’s time for one last look at what it stands to offer. READ MORE