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Reload Studios Announces Multiplayer VR FPS World War Toons


Many virtual reality (VR) fans are eager to see a studio step up to the challenge of creating a full-blown first-person shooter (FPS) with support for head-mounted displays (HMD). Heads were turned last July when indie developer Reload Studios was announced, comprised of former Infinity Ward employees that had worked on the Call of Duty franchise. The team had been known to be working on a multiplayer FPS for VR, which it had teased in the past. Today, Reload Studios is finally ready to announce the full title; World War Toons. READ MORE

Crytek: ‘VR has a transformation power’


Crytek’s work in virtual reality (VR) stepped up a gear at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) earlier this week, with the company confirming that CryEngine 3 would soon offer full support for VR development and the outing of a second VR demo. But why has the company decided to jump on board the VR bandwagon all of a sudden? According to CEO and President Cevat Yerli, that decision has been a long time coming. READ MORE

Preview: World War Toons


An experienced team comprised of developers with titles including the Call of Duty franchise, Frontline: Fuels of War, Section 8, World of Warcraft and StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, as well as numerous AAA motion-picture productions, Reload Studios are taking a surprisingly indie-inspired approach to the announcement of their debut project: World War Toons. Today’s reveal of the videogame is showcasing content that’s still in the very early stages of development – ‘pre-alpha’ is the buzzword – and yet it has a quality about it that very few studios could claim of a project only months from release. READ MORE

Crytek Confirm Work on AAA VR Videogame


One of the highlights of this month’s Game Developer Conference (GDC), San Francisco, was Crytek’s newfound commitment to virtual reality (VR). Having been hedging their bets for far too long, the company promised that the popular CryEngine 3 would offer true support for VR development ‘in a few weeks’, but not only that, the company also showcased their own technical demonstration, Back to Dinosaur Island. However, VRFocus was informed that this was more than a simple tech demo. READ MORE

CINEVEO Receives New Update


Mindprobelabs’ CINEVEO software has become popular amongst the virtual reality (VR) community thanks to offering a comprehensive media played for use with multiple video formats. Available now for Oculus Rift head-mounted displays (HMDs), the latest update for CINEVEO includes an improved version of the 4D Movie Theater. READ MORE