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A collected archive of VRFocus’ feature articles.

Hands-On with AltspaceVR

AltspaceVR logo

Some software releases are offered under obscure labels; a title that represents the expression as opposed to the experience. Within the confines of Redwood City’s premier virtual reality (VR) community space developer that simply isn’t the case. An alternative space for communication and business within VR? AltspaceVR, of course. READ MORE

Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Rare Replay


Rare celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. From the likes of Battletoads to Perfect Dark this beloved developer has created some of the defining entries in a wide range of videogame genres. Parent company Microsoft is recognising this milestone in style, releasing Rare Replay, a collection that reaches beyond those 30 years to when the studio went by the name of Ultimate Play the Game and spanning all the way up to recent releases such as Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. Set for launch on Xbox One, the set presents a unique opportunity to not only play some classic videogames, but cherry-pick which titles we’d love to see in VR. READ MORE

The Influence of Adult Entertainment on the Virtual Reality Industry

Naughty America VR Nikki Benz Jaclyn Taylor

There is a constant debate as to how much impact adult entertainment will have on the upcoming rebirth of virtual reality (VR). While some would present the fact that the home video tape rivalry from the 1980s – in which the adult entertainment industry famously aligned with VHS over Betamax – as an argument in support of the power of pornography a more recent example comes with the high-definition (HD) disc war, which saw the chosen format for adult movies lose in a very public fashion. Always eager to jump on new technology, VR is the next battle that is about to commence in the entertainment industries and pornographers are already staking their claims. READ MORE

VR vs: Project Morpheus’ First Titles Are Already Out, You Just Don’t Know it Yet

Even looking from within the ever-expanding VR bubble, it’s easy to understand why the tech has so many sceptics. There are of course the more common concerns about pricing and accessibility but more worrying are the string of disappointments in the console peripheral market, the bitter memories of which still linger in many minds. Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE’s) efforts with the PlayStation Move controller on PlayStation 3 came up lacking and it’s hard not to remember the aggressive push the company made for 3D TVs without biting your tongue. READ MORE

An Introduction to AltspaceVR

AltspaceVR logo

When thinking about the first stage of the upcoming virtual reality (VR) revival, a social space designed for intercontinental meetings may be an obvious and simple conclusion to draw. However, having the idea and finding the ideal execution are two very separate things, which is why AltspaceVR is currently considered to be the leader in that very wide space. READ MORE

Hands-on with Updated HTC Vive Development Kit

HTC Vive

The first iteration of the HTC Vive development kit, originally revealed across two continents at Mobile World Congress (MWC), Barcelona, and the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC), San Francisco, earlier this year, was an impressive piece of technology even at such an early point. Reportedly having begun shipping to select developers late in 2014, the small collection of technical demonstrations was convincing enough to put the HTC Vive on the same page as the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus head-mounted displays (HMDs), and so here with the new iteration VRFocus has been suitably impressed yet again. READ MORE

Make It A (Virtual) Reality – Space Jam 2

Space Jam

Most of yesterday for me was spent in bed feeling like death, but I was looking forward to writing today’s Make It, however all plans to write at length about how awesome a virtual reality (VR) version of Tachyon: The Fringe would be suddenly disappeared when I found in our staff Skype chat had overruled my choice and replaced it with something else. READ MORE

Forbidden Gameplay 2D: Oculus Rift Support Cancelled for VR Themed Point-n’-Click Adventure

Forbidden Gameplay 2D banner

An interesting tale has arrived with VRFocus today, as a two-person operation has revealed the cancellation of Oculus Rift support for their upcoming point-n’-click adventure videogame, Forbidden Gameplay. Instead of offering the player a 3D world to explore in virtual reality (VR), Forbidden Gameplay 2D is the resulting title which will itself be set in a VR world. READ MORE

Xbox VR Update: Stage 1 of a 3 Stage Plan

Xbox One

This week saw the arrival of the latest Xbox One dashboard update, OS version 6.2.13194.0, which adds both Xbox 360 backwards compatibility and, more importantly for virtual reality (VR) enthusiasts, Windows 10 streaming to the console. This is the first step towards bringing VR to the Xbox One console, as was originally revealed at Oculus VR’s Step into the Rift conference, San Francisco, last month. READ MORE

20 Years of Consumer VR: Virtual Boy

Nintendo's Virtual Boy

Nintendo’s ill-fated step into the world of virtual reality (VR) arrived 20 years ago, with the Japanese launch of the Virtual Boy on 21st July 1995. Often cited as a failure due to design, the culling of the console in it’s relative youth was actually a decision made at Nintendo to avoid any negativity being attached to the family-orientated image they’d done so well to establish with their home consoles up to this point. Looking beyond the rumours and confusion, there remains some truly exemplary gameplay ideas on the Virtual Boy that VR designers today could well learn from. READ MORE