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A collected archive of VRFocus’ feature articles.

PS4’s Impressive Sales Gives PlayStation VR a 30 Million Headstart

PlayStation VR headset

Many of us are looking forward to showing virtual reality (VR) to our friends and family for the first time next year. While enthusiasts have been impressed with early development kits they’ve also embraced their shortcomings, safe in the knowledge that the tech will one day be ready for those that are less understanding. With the impending arrival of the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift with its Oculus Touch motion controllers, that day is coming, but it brings with it a whole new set of problems. READ MORE

VR vs. Gear VR for Note 4 – Time to Say Goodbye?

Gear VR

Samsung and Oculus VR’s mobile-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), Gear VR, finally launched for consumers in the US last Friday. It’s been a long journey for the device, which was first announced in September 2014, having seen two Innovator Editions for specific smartphones before arriving at this $99 USD model that supports all of Samsung’s 2015 smartphones. It’s an exciting time to be an owner of one of the first major HMDs, then. That is unless you own the original Innovator Edition of the device. READ MORE

Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Football Manager


Living out sports fantasies is something that many virtual reality (VR) want to do. The tech may still be some way off from making us the best athletes in the world, but it’s impossible to deny the lure of putting on the Oculus Rift and scoring the perfect goal in a World Cup final or winning a Grand Slam tournament with a stunning return. But there’s another element of the sports genre that could be made much more powerful in VR; management simulation. READ MORE

Back to Dinosaur Island – A Making Of

Back To Dinosaur Island

Crytek’s Back to Dinosaur Island made it’s debut at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), San Francisco, in March of this year. Playable on the Oculus Rift Crescent Bay prototype, Back to Dinosaur Island wowed audiences with it’s remarkable visual fidelity and assortment of interactive opportunities. Today, Back to Dinosaur Island has been launched via Steam, and Crytek are offering VRFocus the chance to get the inside scoop on the development of the prototype videogame experience. READ MORE

Hands-on with castAR


It’s important to understand the context of castAR before you make any judgments about it. Coverage at VRFocus is usually concerned with devices that we all know are going to cost a fair amount of money from the $350+ USD Oculus Rift to – for the more extreme – the $3,000 developer edition of the HoloLens. That’s not what castAR is; it’s not a device that will be mainly aimed at enthusiasts for its first few years but instead something that hopes to be affordable and accessible right from the word go. Granted it’s not clear exactly how much the kit will eventually retail for, but if creator Technical Illusions stays true to its low cost promises, it could have a remarkable piece of technology on its hands. READ MORE

VR vs. Gear VR’s Launch – Is the Timing Right for Mobile VR’s Arrival?

Gear VR header

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Oculus VR launches its first consumer virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) this week. But it’s not the Oculus Rift, far from it in fact. While the biggest gun in VR remains on the sidelines for a few more months the VR specialist is launching the Gear VR mobile-based HMD with Samsung in the US this Friday, 20th November. It may not boast the power of the Oculus Rift but the Gear VR is no less promising thanks to its cost, build quality and the past year of support it’s already seen on behalf of the Innovator’s Editions. READ MORE

Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Fallout + Wasteland


Twice now VRFocus has visited the barren wastelands of the Fallout franchise to talk about what could be for virtual reality (VR). Bethesda Softworks’ open worlds are some of the most eagerly requested locations to explore with a head-mounted display (HMD) such as an Oculus Rift, with modders and enthusiasts going to great lengths to get this week’s Fallout 4 working with the technology. But, while we’ve looked forward with the franchise before, we’ve never really paid tribute to its past. READ MORE

Bullet Train: Changing Track With Virtual Reality

Bullet Train logo

Epic Games’ studio in Cary, North Carolina, is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Corridors filled with awards and celebrations of the studio’s history litter the walls as you are lead to huge expanses dedicated to large rooms filled with developers working on various titles for various formats, engine developers and QA testers. But tucked away on an upper level in a small, dark room is the virtual reality (VR) team. A small group of enthusiastic tinkerers that have managed to come up with some of the most exciting works that VR has yet seen, with minimal budget and tight timeframes. READ MORE

VR Devs Gather in Stockholm for HTC Vive Jam, Here’s What Came of It

HTC Vive

While big virtual reality (VR) developers are delivering on the dreams we’ve long talked about, some of the most intriguing ideas for experiences are born from development jams. The unique environments that these events create encourages teams to think outside of HMD and create innovative mechanics and out there experiences. A perfect example of this was seen last weekend at a small HTC Vive Jam in Stockholm, Sweden. A group of friends gathered to experiment with SteamVR, it’s position-tracked controllers and Room Scale user-tracking. READ MORE

VR vs. The HTC Vive’s Launch Line-Up – What Can Fans Expect to Play On Day One?

HTC Vive

There’s just over 50 days left of 2015 and, somewhere in that small window, we’re expecting a limited launch of the HTC Vive virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). It’s an admittedly strange time for the device, with a release expected so soon and yet VR fans still left totally in the dark as to when it will arrive and how much it will cost. Equally as ambiguous is the kit’s launch line-up of videogames. As limited as this release may be, those lucky enough to secure one will need something to play, and we still don’t know for sure what many of those titles will be. So let’s take a look at what could be on offer later this year. READ MORE