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Gear VR: The VR Taste-Tester

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Samung and Oculus VR’s partnership on the Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD) was announced at Samsung Unpacked, Berlin, to considerable fanfare. Warmly received by both technology and virtual reality (VR) enthusiasts, the device has since gone on to become one of the key players in the VR scene. But what’s next for Gear VR? Now that a consumer release is almost upon us, there’s a much clearer picture of what the Gear VR means to gaming, movies and general VR entertainment. READ MORE

Building Epic VR: It Takes Time

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No one studio has done as much for virtual reality (VR) while seemingly doing so little. A smattering of technical demos and a handful of updates to the popular Unreal Engine 4 development suite may appear to be a lack lustre approach to the new medium, especially when Epic Games are yet to confirm any real interest in producing a commercial VR product of their own. But in truth it goes much deeper than that. VR is flowing thickly through the veins of Epic Games. READ MORE

Playing Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes with a Stranger Proves the Power of Social VR


As young as the technology may be, some virtual reality (VR) developers are already looking at it from completely different angles. The team behind Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, for example, doesn’t see VR as an opportunity to immerse players so much as a new box of tricks to provide new types of gameplay mechanics. In this case, the team embraces what many VR sceptics raise concerns about: isolation. Here’s a videogame that takes advantage of the fact only one player can see what’s going on (provided the other isn’t looking at a monitor). Played with a complete stranger at PAX Prime this year, the end result powerfully proves that VR isn’t cutting people off from the real world and humans, but can in fact bring them a bit closer to them. READ MORE

Oculus Connect 2015: Lack of Rift Price & Date Doesn’t Stop VR Flag Waver’s Momentum

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If it weren’t for Palmer Luckey, it might have been easy to walk away from Oculus Connect 2 pretty disappointed this year. Days ahead of the company’s majorly anticipated developer conference, the Oculus Rift creator took to Reddit to temper expectations, confirming that Oculus VR would not be launching pre-orders for the long awaited virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). This cast doubt over if the VR specialist would even reveal the price and date for the device and, sure enough, yesterday’s keynote talk came and went without so much as a hint of these specifics. READ MORE

Hands-On with Bullet Train on Oculus Rift


Epic Games has managed to become a key player in virtual reality (VR) without ever talking about a commercial product. ‘Unreal Engine 4′ many of you might be thinking, but it’s not just about middleware; it’s also about the growing catalogue of VR experiences coming from the studio. The latest of these, Bullet Train, offers the most compelling argument for VR as a videogames medium yet offered on the Oculus Rift. READ MORE

The Future of VR in the Workplace and Where the Developer of War Thunder Fits Into It


Virtual reality (VR) already has its selected champions amongst the community. They consist of indie sensations that have supported the technology from day one, and larger studios that have been brave enough to tackle the challenges of VR development long before a consumer product is in place. But while fans may praise the likes of Frontier Developments and E McNeill for their early work with the tech, one name is almost criminally always forgotten; Gaijin Entertainment. READ MORE

Meet Solid Eye – PlayStation’s First 3D Headset from the Creators of Metal Gear


The PlayStation 4, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) claims, is the first videogame console it’s made that is capable of running virtual reality (VR) software. Similarly, its predecessor, PlayStation 3, was touted as its first system capable of 3D. Both of these statements are largely true; SCE’s newest hardware seems to be just about capable of meeting VR’s high demands and the PlayStation 3 was the first console to make a good (albeit unsuccessful) push for 3D titles. But, dig a little deeper into the history of one of the biggest names in the industry, and you’ll find that it was neither the PlayStation 3 nor PlayStation 4 that first dabbled with the technology. It was in fact a significantly less powerful machine, the PSP. READ MORE