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Hands-On with Mariott’s Get Teleported


Sponsored virtual reality (VR) experiences are a trend that has grown rapidly throughout 2014 and doesn’t look like it will be disappearing any time soon. Prolific public VR event designers Framestore, who have previously worked on experiences based on Game of Thrones and Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar previously, recently partnered with Marriott hotels to present Get Teleported as part of the latter’s ‘Travel Brilliantly’ campaign. READ MORE

Hands-On with Sixense STEM on Gear VR


User input in virtual reality (VR) is a widely discussed issue. Even at the point where we can see consumer devices looming on the horizon, there is no universal agreement on how videogames and experiences in VR should be controlled. Most currently rely on gamepad input, but there are a number of companies investing in the ideal of motion-control devices. Sixense are arguably one of the leaders in this field. READ MORE

Hands-On with Interstellar Oculus Rift Experience


A new movie launch from a huge influential director. The biggest IMAX rollout the industry has ever seen. All-star cast, enormous budget and a director who claimed fame with a very modern adaptation of a well-known superhero. All this is true of Interstellar, but arguably the most interesting part of this new franchise is the virtual reality (VR) tie-in developed to promote the movie. READ MORE

Alien: Isolation – The Challenges of Officially Adapting for VR


Alien: Isolation has finally arrived and with it comes a considerable amount of critical acclaim. Heralded as the ‘best’ videogame experience ever made based on the famous sci-fi movie franchise, the hype was indeed worthwhile. Moreover, the attention the videogame received due to it’s virtual reality (VR) demonstration has been incredibly important to the exposure of the title, and as such it’s more than likely that we’ll see a VR edition of the videogame at some point down the line to surpass the unofficial hack that VRFocus reported on earlier this week. It’s long been said however, that simply porting existing videogames to VR doesn’t work. READ MORE

Oculus Connect 2014: VR Figureheads Slip Comfortably into New Roles as Company Delivers the Next Best Thing to the Consumer Rift


Precious few companies will ever get to experience the kind of whirlwind year that Oculus VR has enjoyed in 2014. Just nine months ago the team debuted a new prototype for its Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) and now, barely two months after that prototype’s relevant development kit shipped, we have another. And that’s without mentioning the acquisitions, hires and other announcements which have kept the company in the headlines throughout the year, all of which was capped off with yesterday’s Oculus Connect developer conference in Hollywood, California. READ MORE

Hands-on: Oculus Rift Crescent Bay Prototype


Oculus VR’s big announcement at Oculus Connect was the revelation of a new prototype: Crescent Bay. Aligned with Crystal Cove in that it’s not a consumer version nor a development kit, Crescent Bay is a prototype design that will inevitably form the basis of the next iteration of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) that will be made available to developers. However, this time it’s more than just a visual product; Crescent Bay also includes built-in audio. READ MORE

Hands-On with Kite & Lightning’s The Voice 360: Be the Coach


Kite & Lightning are a widely respected independent development studio that has established huge credibility within the virtual reality (VR) community. Their original creations such as The Station and the highly praised Senza Peso have been regularly touted as the current pinnacle of passive VR experiences. As the studio matures it was inevitable that such a reputation would lead to commercial products and high-profile licenses, but their first release, The Voice 360: Be the Coach, no one could have guessed. READ MORE