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Losing my VRginity to: Virtuality 1000CS


The late 1980s and early 1990s was a time of turbulence for virtual reality (VR). Many of today’s development community got their first taste of the technology in this period, thanks largely to the popularity of Virtuality head-mounted displays (HMDs) in the out-of-home entertainment sector, and most, such as Innervision Games’ Tony Davidson, came away disappointed. However, the pioneers of today wouldn’t let yesterday’s failures stand in their way, and this is exactly the story that Davidson has to tell. READ MORE

Losing My VRginity to: View Master, Virtuality + VR-1

Tim Aidley has a rich history in the videogame industry. For over a decade now he’s worked at great studios such as Burnout developers Criterion Games, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Relentless Software. Now the developer has made a home at Hutch Games, working on the Smash series of racing titles for the iOS and Android platforms. But in his spare time Aidley is working on his very own virtual reality (VR) project – The Crypt. READ MORE

Losing My VRginity to: EVE Valkyrie


As the editor of VRFocus I’m privy to a lot of virtual reality (VR) experiences that may never become anything more than a tech demo of experiment. Many people involved in the VR community know that I’ve been impressed by the simple effectiveness of Matt Carrell’s Stompz and I’ve recently been spending a lot of time discussing Tim Aidley’s work-in-progress The Crypt (more on that coming soon!). However, I haven’t always been working in this sector. My introduction to modern VR was the same as many other journalists': an early build of the videogame now championed by many, EVE Valkyrie. READ MORE

Losing My VRginity to: DK2


It can be easy to get discouraged with virtual reality (VR). All it takes is one sub-par demonstration and you’re left questioning if the technology is really as impressive as you first thought it was. I’ll admit I had that feeling earlier this week. It had been a month or so since I’d last strapped an Oculus Rift to my face so I practically jumped at the chance to use a DK1 at the start of the week. I got to try out a demo that had caught my eye a while back, but I’ll admit I was left underwhelmed by it. The 3D effect didn’t pop as much as I remembered it doing the first time I tried the headset and the awkward position I was sitting in at the time destroyed any hint of presence the demo had hoped to achieve. READ MORE

Losing my VRginity to: Star Wars


In the months since VRFocus launched we’ve heard from many interesting figures in the virtual reality (VR) space as they openly discussed their first experience with the immersive technology. From Matt Sonic’s adventures in Dactyl Nightmare to Nick Pittom’s love loss in the 1980s and eventual return to the fray with the Oculus Rift development kit, there’s been some fascinating stories that have lead to many of these people becoming fully invested in VR as both a hobby and a career. After nine other VR enthusiasts have taken the time to share their stories, I thought it was about time I offered VRFocus‘ readers mine. READ MORE

Losing My VRginity to: DK1


There are many of us who have been involved with virtual reality (VR) in one way or another long before the Oculus Rift was a part of the community’s social spectrum. This 1980’s is generally considered to boom period for the technology: the point at which consumers could feasibly interact with virtual worlds in a way unlike any other. However, the promise of VR famously passed by due to expensive hardware and poor quality visual design. Nick Pittom, creator of the popular Spirited Away inspired VR demo, has lived a similar story to that described here. READ MORE

Losing my VRginity to: Simulation!


There are many different views on the potential uses of virtual reality (VR). It’s rebirth as a modern experience lead by in-home entertainment is just one opportunity, but there are many more that have had a great deal of exposition already. The out-of-home experience, including that of the traditional arcade format, is an area which has made strides in bringing VR technology to a mainstream audience that would otherwise have been impossible, and KWP’s Kevin Williams has been instrumental in this process. READ MORE

Losing My VRginity: In a Car


The beauty of virtual reality (VR) is that it can take us to many places. New worlds and experiences that would otherwise be impossible are right there in front of your eyes, allowing you to venture through terrain and have experiences alien from day-to-day life. For many their first experience will be a peculiar one, but for Charlie Ward this VR debut took an even more bizarre turn. READ MORE

Losing My VRginity to: The HD Oculus Rift


If Oculus Rift’s first developer kit, DK1, can turn virtual reality (VR) sceptics into believers, then the HD kits are capable of a full on conversion. Yes, I’ve written about my first experiences in VR before – my VRginity piece on Half-Life 2 was the first in VRFocus’ long line of weekend features. And since that time I’ve had plenty more experiences with the Oculus Rift, but they were all limited to that first kit which, for all its technical wonder, loses some of its lustre thanks to a pixelated screen. I recently got the chance to try out CCP Games’ space simulation, EVE Valkyrie, on an Oculus Rift fitted with a gorgeous 1080p screen. Needless to say, the experience blew me away much like the first time I stepped into Gordon Freeman’s shoes. READ MORE