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Make It A (Virtual) Reality: Splatoon

Splatoon - Header

They’ve invaded your territory again, you looked away for just a moment and then two of your friends were whacked. Now one of them is in the base looking to take a large chunk of land away from right under your nose. You dive under cover, sliding through your own personal painted pathways up over walls and round corners until you find the interloper. Rising up from the floor you pepper the area with your colour but your slippery foe twists out of the way, sending an arc of lime green over your shoulder. Throwing caution to the wind you rush forward, diving behind your opponent and coating them in a bright cyan. Inked, they crumple to the ground and disappear. You quickly undo the damage they did and launch yourself back into the fray.  This is one turf war where you can’t hang around. READ MORE

Make It A (Virtual) Reality: Zombie Army Trilogy


A wheezy sigh crackles through the air, it’s as if the very sky itself is choking on the smoke and dust that claws at your own lungs. Of course that is the least of your worries at the moment. The stragglers of your small group begin climbing the ridge on the other side to offer another shot, but you’ll be the first. You line up the target in your sights, desperately trying to calm your breathing as your aim wobbles.  Soon though the familiar sense of calm fills you and you squeeze the trigger. READ MORE

Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Disney Infinity


Mickey Mouse, Spider-Man, Captain Jack Sparrow and Yoda. Not only are all of these characters standing together for the first time ever, but they’re standing next to you. You’ve been given the keys to a toy box filled with super heroes, Jedi and timeless characters. Enemies litter the streets of New York, closing in on this unlikely group of heroes. Sparrow and Spider-Man get in a brawl with the Green Goblin while Mickey and Yoda fend off a band of pirates. Before you stands Darth Vadar, with Loki by his side. You prepare you shield/lightsabre/fists/hammer, or any other weapon of your choice and prepare for battle. READ MORE

Make It A (Virtual) Reality: Yooka-Laylee

Yooka-Laylee - Header

A waterfall flows down from a series of floating islands, two characters look around excitedly. The temple is surrounded by lush greenery, trees, ferns and exotic flowers. The first character runs and jumps whilst the second holds on to their partners head and spreads their wings, helping them cross the gap together. On landing the green chameleon tucks into a ball whilst the bat begins to roll him with her feet, as one would if standing on a barrel, quickly gaining a speed that neither could attain purely on their own. They are quite a formidable pair already, and yet their adventure has not even truly begun.

Make it a (Virtual) Reality: State of Decay


You’re out on a routine supply run. Your objective is simple; duck into town, keep a low profile and gather as many essentials as you can carry before heading back to base camp. It’s a mundane trip than you’ve run through a thousand times before without any hassle. Today looks to be no different as you scrounge around a ruined supermarket, tiptoeing through the aisles as you silently pocket canned goods. Your backpack starts to bite down into you, suggesting you should quit while you’re ahead. You turn for the exit, the momentum of which sends a tin hurtling out of the bag. There’s a moment of dreaded silence before the shuffles turn to hurried gurgles. It’s not long before a horde of the undead start to flood down the aisle behind you. Time to go. READ MORE

Make It A (Virtual) Reality: Star Wars VR


A small ship darts down the narrow gully, its wings are spread, splayed into an X shape. The ship’s shadow, generated by the seemingly endless barrage of green blasts flying past, flashes over the metal walls on either side as it dodges watch tower pillars, criss-crossing gangways and volleys of laser. The target lies ahead. All that matters is the target. READ MORE

Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Mortal Kombat


This week marks the return of Mortal Kombat, a videogame series that regularly rewrites the rulebook on bloodshed. Is it wrong to dream about a virtual reality (VR) adaption of the series? Quite possibly; NetherRealm Studios’ ultra-violent fighter often proves overwhelming on a standard screen. To bathe in the blood of combatants with the help of an Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus might be a bit much. READ MORE

Make It A (Virtual) Reality: TRON


You made a mistake and now it has cost you. The entirety of your being is no more and yet it is still there, suspended within the light of a single laser beam. Somehow your consciousness has survived this process and the scattered parts of what made up your senses tries desperately to rationalise what is going on around you. A kaleidoscope of red, white and blue, like digital snowflakes, appears before your non-eyes. You feel yourself falling down, falling in to something quite unfathomable as pieces of mesh-like debris barely miss you.  READ MORE

Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Xenoblade Chronicles


The Bionis and Mechonis tower above you. Eons ago, these two titans were locked in a fierce battle in a world consisting of nothing but endless ocean. Years on and their corpses remain, dwarfing the land and life that has flourished below. You stand in a vast, grassy field, an ant not only to these two giants looming in the distance but also some of the beasts that roam the land before you. Your journey will take you to many sights just as impressive as this one, delving into rocky caverns and brushing the waves of golden shores. This is the world of Xenoblade Chronicles and it deserves to be marvelled at in virtual reality (VR). READ MORE

Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Space Invaders

Space Invaders - Header

You stand alone, a single defender against the tide. You are one but they are legion; the last hope against seemingly insurmountable odds. You pilot your weapon skilfully, ducking and weaving as their projectiles rain down on you. It seems wholly inadequate for the task before you, but, it is all you have. They come in waves, a slow steady decent, almost metronomic at first but accelerating as they move towards you. A simple rhythmic beat echoing in your ears as you shelter from the raining death. With limited options you make the call and begin firing up through your own shield at the aggressors, blowing apart column after column of enemies at the expense of opening yourself up to fire. READ MORE