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Black Hat Oculus Passes Kickstarter Campaign


Mid-September 2014 saw indie developer Team Future launch a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for its upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible cooperative-based videogame, Black Hat Oculus. The studio was asking for a relatively low base goal of $4,200 USD and has recently passed that initial target with the help of some 184 backers. In fact the title has even raised enough for its $4,300 stretch goal to have it posted on Steam Greenlight. READ MORE

Black Hat Oculus Demo Now Available


Team Future have released a demo version of their in-development Oculus Rift videogame, Black Hat Oculus. Originally created as part of 2014’s Global Game Jam, Black Hat Oculus is now available to download from the official Oculus Share website and is listed as ‘pre-release’, suggesting that Team Future intend to take Black Hat Oculus far further than the initial 48-hour development period would allow. READ MORE