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Pixel Ripped Dev Teases ‘loads of easter eggs’ for 1989

Pixel Ripped 1989

Virtual reality (VR) fans will have been hearing about Pixel Ripped for much of the last year now. This anticipated title, which pays tribute to various years of the videogame industry, recently hit Kickstarter looking for funding for the first entry into the planned series, Pixel Ripped 1989. Fans will have already seen a glimpse of this project in the form of the school room demo that’s been showcased for so long. Now developer Ana Ribeiro has spoken about some of the many Easter eggs players can expected to see in the full version. READ MORE

SUPERHOT Beta Launches


Last year saw a group of Polish developers run an incredibly successful Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for a new virtual reality (VR) first-person shooter (FPS) known as SUPERHOT. The team had asked for $100,000 USD but ended up raising some $250,798 to bring the title to PC with support for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). Just over a year on from that campaign’s closure and the studio has launched the first Beta for the experience, which is exclusive to those that backed a certain amount of money in the campaign. READ MORE

Hands-On with AltspaceVR

AltspaceVR logo

Some software releases are offered under obscure labels; a title that represents the expression as opposed to the experience. Within the confines of Redwood City’s premier virtual reality (VR) community space developer that simply isn’t the case. An alternative space for communication and business within VR? AltspaceVR, of course. READ MORE

Oculus Story Studio Head to Speak at Entertainment & Tech Summit

Oculus Story Studio Logo

It’s been a big week for Oculus Story Studio, the film-focused division of Oculus VR. A few days back the team premiered Henry, its latest virtual reality (VR) short movie that’s set to be released alongside the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) itself next year. Introducing the film to invited press was Saschka Unseld, head of the studio and Director of its first feature, Lost. Unseld has clearly proven his passion for VR filmmaking since Oculus Story Studio’s January 2015 debut, and will be talking about just that at an upcoming event. READ MORE

Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Rare Replay


Rare celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. From the likes of Battletoads to Perfect Dark this beloved developer has created some of the defining entries in a wide range of videogame genres. Parent company Microsoft is recognising this milestone in style, releasing Rare Replay, a collection that reaches beyond those 30 years to when the studio went by the name of Ultimate Play the Game and spanning all the way up to recent releases such as Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. Set for launch on Xbox One, the set presents a unique opportunity to not only play some classic videogames, but cherry-pick which titles we’d love to see in VR. READ MORE

With Virtual Reality Architects Can ‘change the world like a god’


Virtual reality (VR) is enabling creative minds the ability to create all sorts of immersive entertainment, from videogames to movies, but what about creating a factual immersive experience where clients can view an architects vision for their dream home in full VR way before building has commenced. Olivier Demangel thinks that future is here. READ MORE