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Sony CEO: Project Morpheus is ‘remarkable innovation’, Shows ‘future of gaming’


Sony Corporation surprised technology fans at its IFA 2015 press conference in Berlin, Germany yesterday by making mention of its Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) for PlayStation 4. While no new announcements were made, CEO Kazuo Hirai flagged up the device in a show that had already hosted the reveal of the Xperia Z5 smartphone and more. According to Hirai, the device is a ‘remarkable innovation’ and something that showcases ‘the future of gaming and pushes the boundaries of play’. READ MORE

Lucky’s Tale, The Gallery and More Up for Unity Awards’ New VR Category


For the past few years Unity Technologies has been hosting an annual awards show that recognises the best projects created on the company’s Unity Engine. Virtual reality (VR) technology played a small part in last year’s ceremony, but it’s set to have a much bigger impact at this year’s show when it takes place on Tuesday 22nd September at Unite 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Unity Awards 2015 nominations have just been announced and this year includes a brand new category looking for the best VR experiences. READ MORE

Preview: Wayward Sky

Wayward Sky

Uber Entertainment’s Wayward Sky has an interesting history. The Washington based developer’s eagerness to jump into virtual reality (VR) originally saw the title unveiled as Ikarus, a Gear VR exclusive videogame, before realising their ambitions stretched beyond the limitations of the mobile hardware. The result of this is a cancellation of that original release and the project being moved to the PlayStation 4 under the name of Wayward Sky, now being developed exclusively for Project Morpheus. READ MORE

ARK Adds a Dragon, Streaming Tournament Final Today

ARK: Survival Evolved logo

Those that have been following virtual reality (VR) compatible survival title, ARK: Survival Evolved will know that developer Studio Wildcard has recently been running a tournament to support the launch of its new multiplayer mode, Survival of the Fittest. Thousands of players took part in the preliminaries last weekend, building towards this week’s final. Those that are interested in the Oculus Rift supported title or are considering picking it up for the first time should take note; the developer will be streaming these finals live. READ MORE

VR vs. The Perfect VR HMD


Standardisation is a distant dream for the virtual reality (VR) industry in its current state. A set of expected features for any head-mounted display (HMD) is hard to form with no real consumer hardware to base them off. As a result, the first generation of devices, set to release over the next 10 months, will form an immensely varied landscape, for both better and worse. Weighing up the pros and cons of each HMD (sometimes literally) is something that every VR fan is going to have to do in the near future, unless they’re fortunate enough to be able to splash out on more than one. READ MORE

Sony’s New First-Party Studio Hiring for Studio Ghibli-esque Project Morpheus Title

Project Morpheus

Back in May 2015 is was revealed that Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) was hiring for an ‘ambitious’ new first-party developer named North West Studio. The group is set to work exclusively on the company’s upcoming virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), Project Morpheus, creating new experiences for the PlayStation 4 peripheral. It’s a few months on now and it appears that North West Studio is still hiring. In fact, a recent job listing for the developer drops some big hints at what fans can expect from one of its first projects. READ MORE