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Kôna Devs ‘desire’ PS4 Version, ‘already talking’ with Microsoft


Last month VRFocus reported that Parabole, the developer of Kôna, was aiming to create a PlayStation 4 version of the title, which is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for a PC, Mac and Linux release with support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). While the team is still hoping to bring the title to Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) system, possibly with support for the Project Morpheus VR HMD, it seems as if Microsoft’s Xbox One console is the more likely option at this point in time. READ MORE

VR vs. Ubisoft


Virtual reality (VR) technology almost came out of the 2014 Game Developers Conference (GDC). With Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) announcing the Project Morpheus VR head-mounted display (HMD) and Oculus VR lifting the lid on its second development kit for the Oculus Rift (DK2). The technology was riding on a wavy of positivity, with developers expressing enthusiasm for creating innovative new experiences and press and attendees clearly impressed by what they got to sample at the event. READ MORE

Caffeine Launches Final Pre-Release Demo


Indie developer Incandecent Imaging has provided videogame fans with plenty of opportunities to test out its upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible horror title, Caffeine, over the past week months. The developer has released a steady stream of updates to a demo for the first-person experience. This week sees the launch of the final version of that demo, bringing a host of tweaks and fixes as well as improved support for the Oculus Rift VR head-mounted display (HMD). The demo can be downloaded through the developer’s official website.  READ MORE

Project Morpheus’ Summer Lesson Gets First Footage


Earlier today Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ) held its annual pre-Tokyo Game Show (TGS) conference. While Project Morpheus wasn’t expected to be a highlight of the show, a new title for the device was revealed. That title was Summer Lesson from Tekken creator Katsuhiro Harada. Details about the title are currently scarce, though more information about it can be gleamed from its announcement video, which can be seen below. READ MORE

Sony’s TGS Show Reveals Project Morpheus Title from Tekken Developer


With both Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) E3 and Gamescom 2014 press conferences being light on news for its Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display, you might think that its pre-Tokyo Game Show (TGS) conference would be news-free for the device. Surprisingly, that wasn’t the case; SCE took the time to reveal a brand new title for Project Morpheus, the first time it’s done so on a stage since its Game Developers Conference 2014 (GDC) reveal, and its coming from the creator of Tekken. READ MORE

E McNeill on Darknet Progress, Project Morpheus and More


PAX Prime takes place this weekend and virtual reality (VR) is set to have some presence at the show in the form of Oculus Rift VR head-mounted display (HMD) compatible videogames. One such title is E McNeill’s Darknet, the anticipated ‘hollywood hacking’ experience that’s aiming to launch alongside the consumer version of the Oculus Rift. VRFocus spoke to McNeill earlier to get an update on the title’s progress. READ MORE

The Hum Releases Gamescom Build


One of the many virtual reality (VR) experiences on display at this year’s Gamescom in Cologne, Germany was first-person horror experience The Hum from indie developer Thotwise Games. The title, which supports the Oculus Rift VR head-mounted display on PC, was showcased not with a gameplay demo but an atmospheric experience designed to give players a taste of the overall experience and direction. Now the developer has released this Gamescom build online. READ MORE

Kôna Gets New Demo


There’s just over a week left for indie developer Parabole and its ongoing Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible experience, Kôna. The developer is hoping to raise $40,000 CAD to aid the title’s production before the campaign closes on 6th September 2014. At the time of writing the campaign sits at over half of its goal raised, meaning there’s a good chance it could succeed with one final push. Now the developer has released a brand new demo from the experience as part of that push. READ MORE

SCE Talks Project Morpheus Design, Development Community and Software


Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) have been rather coy about Project Morpheus since it’s unveiling at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), San Francisco, in March of this year, however that hasn’t stopped them from showcasing new software at every opportunity. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) brought with it Street Luge and Jurassic Encounter while Gamescom offered a first taste of Gaijin Entertainment’s War Thunder, proving that there’s still plenty going on behind the scenes. READ MORE

Oculus Creator: Project Morpheus is ‘really pushing the limits’ of PS4


Palmer Luckey, the creator of the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), has expressed his concerns with Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) Project Moprheus VR HMD for PlayStation 4 in the past. Specifically, Luckey has spoken to SCE’s lack of investment in Project Morpheus right now. More recently, the famed creator has spoken out about the PlayStation 4′s hardware, and how Project Morpheus is ‘really pushing’ its limits despite being ‘not as good’ as the Oculus Rift’s second development kit (DK2). READ MORE