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Peter Chou HTC CEO Joins Digital Domain to Improve VR Venture

HTC Vive logo

With HTC’s recent financial reports recording significant loses for the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer it’s no surprise that the company is aggressively venturing into the virtual reality (VR) industry with its collaboration with Valve on the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD). And now the co-founder of HTC, Peter Chou, is joining Hong Kong based visual effects studio Digital Domain Holdings to help better understand VR. READ MORE

Oculus Touch Controllers Recieve First SDK Documentation


There are a lot of virtual reality (VR) developers out there hoping to get their hands on Oculus Touch in the near future. Oculus VR’s new input solution for its Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) has been praised by those lucky enough to have sampled it since its reveal in June 2015, leaving many studios eager to start actually working with it. It’s still not clear exactly what plans the company has for developer kit distribution, but fresh updates to its software development kit (SDK) documentation have provided the first glimpse of how creators will get to grips with Oculus Touch. READ MORE

PAX Prime 2015 Liveblog: Exploring New Worlds in VR


PAX Prime is well underway with the VRFocus team in attendance. We’ll be looking to bring you news, previews and interviews from the convention floor as well as anything to do with virtual or augmented reality related topics. As such yesterday evening the team attended a panel at the event on the subject of Exploring New Worlds in VR which looked at the ways VR can be used creatively and discussed what difficulties the medium also presents. READ MORE