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First Clip Of HTC Vive’s Planetary Annihilation: Titans Revealed


Last night VRFocus brought you news regarding about a virtual reality (VR) version of Uber Entertainment’s popular real-time strategy videogame series Planetary Annihilation. That the developer had in fact confirmed via Twitter that both Planetary Annihilation: Titans and Wayward Sky would be brought to the forthcoming PAX Prime expo. Also Uber Entertainment revealed that Titans would also be appearing on the Valve backed VR system HTC Vive.

Now on Twitter we have our first small look at the game in action.  In a tweet from Chandana Ekanayake, Game Director on Wayward Sky he included a clip of Uber Entertainment Customer Service rep and PA Michelle Krater trying out the game in the studio prior to the event. You can see the clip below, that whilst small gives you at least a little idea as to the scale of the Titans themselves.

The Planetary Annihilation: Titans experience will be on display at Booth #4139 on the show floor of PAX throughout the event which begins today and ends on August 31st.

VRFocus will be at PAX and bringing you stories from the convention floor as well as interviews and previews in the coming weeks.


Registration Now Open for SEA-VR 2015


Videogame events are littered across the year, rarely does a month go by without at least one cropping up somewhere. And as virtual reality’s (VR) presence has grown larger at these exhibitions the need for specialist VR events has also increased. From large VR events like VRLA to smaller single day sessions like VR in a Bar, fans want more and developers want more ways of showcasing their projects. Which brings us to SEA-VR 2015, a one day conference to take place this October. READ MORE