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About Us
Editor-in-Chief, Kevin Joyce

VRFocus is fronted by Kevin Joyce, an editor with more than eleven years experience within videogames media. Maintaining the daily routine and liaising with all corners of the industry, Kevin regularly seeks out new and original content for VRFocus as well as establishing a unique style and presentation for it’s delivery to an eager audience. Outside of virtual reality (VR) Kevin remains passionate about console videogames as well as music and comedy.

Mobile: +44 (0) 7525 853544

Staff Writer, Jamie Feltham

Jamie is VRFocus‘ staff writer, responsible for hunting down the news, writing features and keeping the social channels up and running. He’s been an avid videogamer and tech geek for as long as he can remember, having worked in the industry for almost a decade. If he’s not shut in his room playing everything from the latest blockbusters to obscure retro gems, he’ll be in the cinema trying to catch up with recent films or scurrying about London watching live music. He’s incredibly enthusiastic about virtual reality’s future and cannot wait to see a Metroid title adapted for the tech.

Twitter: @VRFocus



VRFocus is an independent website funded by nDreams, a UK-based videogame developer and publisher, who are passionate about VR. VRFocus is run independently by Kevin Joyce, former Electronic Theatre Network editor, and a team of writers working remotely.  nDreams has no editorial control of the site. VRFocus will report on all aspects of VR, from the smallest to the largest developers, publishers and hardware companies.